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Living this Life as Family


Here we go again, heading out on a four hour road trip to watch our two oldest boys play basketball.  The time, effort, and money expended to participate in this sport seems silly to some people, but to our family it is anything but silly.

You see, basketball is about more than ballgames to us. It’s an opportunity for our children to become physically active, to form healthy, lasting friendships, and to learn important life lessons.  It also enables us to develop a common interest within our family unit, bonding parent to child and one sibling to another.

I must admit, there are occasions when a game is cancelled at the last minute and I, unlike my children, feel thankful for a night off.  But when it comes down to it, I honestly delight in these times.  I love watching my children on the court, supporting them in their finest moments, and encouraging them through each disappointment.

I am proud of my husband for coaching them and for choosing to be involved in their lives.  I am grateful to be seated on those not-so-comfortable bleachers, cheering them on.  And I’ve learned that whether we’re coaching or sitting quietly in the stands, our very presence speaks love to our children.

Having one already graduated and another on the brink of it, I find myself reminiscing over years gone by.  At the same time, I am trying hard to cherish the moments that lie ahead of me.  I am very much aware of how quickly these days will pass, and I pray I don’t miss them.

So I run myself ragged at times, sorting through mounds of laundry, throwing a good deal of it into four or five separate suitcases, checking and double-checking that uniforms are clean and basketball shoes have made their way into the car.  And off we go on another adventure, enjoying life together as a family, and playing a little basketball along the way.

Please don’t miss the point here, my friend.  Basketball may never be your thing.  But family – now that’s something that always should be.  So do some searching, discover what your family is most interested in, and be intentional about taking part in those things.

As you do so, you’ll find yourself laughing, loving, and supporting one another, cultivating strong relationships between those special people who live within your home.  Relationships that may cause you to do something silly.  Like drive for hours to watch your kids play basketball.



I'm a wife, a mom, and a mia (my own special word for grandma). You may or may not be these things, and that’s okay. Chances are we're still a lot alike. I’m certain we share some of the same struggles and ponder many of the same questions. We're busy and we're tired -can I get an amen? Yet, here we are, trying to live meaningful lives, positively impact those around us, and add a little sunshine wherever we go. But it’s not easy, is it? We mess up. Life gets tough. We find ourselves in need of a friend. Someone to encourage us, stand by us, and speak truth into us. To remind us we are not alone. That, sweet sister, is where I hope to come in - not with all the answers (I’m still searching for some myself), but with a genuine concern for you and a desire to walk alongside you on this incredible -and oftentimes arduous- journey called life.

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