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Who Am I?



I am a wife.

  • A wife who was only a girl when she first fell in love with her high school sweetheart.
  • A wife who loves that boy now more than she ever could have then (although that seemed impossible at the time).
  • A wife who hopes to grow old by his side, still holding hands, still snagging a hug every chance she gets.

I am a mom.

  • A mom of five precious blessings ranging in age from twenty-three down to four (yes, you read that right).
  • A mom who views motherhood as one of the biggest challenges and greatest blessings in her life.
  • A mom who knows that, on her own, she can never be the mother her children need.  Oh, but God. He is the only way, the only hope, the only possibility of her ever pulling off a job well done when it comes to this monumental task called motherhood.  And this is her daily prayer.

I am a writer.

  • A writer who has kept her words silently tucked away for so many years, partly due to busyness and partly due to fear… fear of saying the wrong things or of having nothing to say at all.
  • A writer who desires to encourage and uplift other women as they walk this sometimes arduous journey called life.
  • A writer who prays over her words, hoping they will help someone.

I am a Christian.

  • One who knows that although this wasn’t the first thing on her “Who Am I” list, this is the very foundation, the very core, of who she truly is and of every role she plays.
  • One who wants so much to please Christ in all the little, mundane parts of her day. Enough so that even when she fails, she keeps on trying.
  • One who knows she doesn’t deserve to be called a child of the King, yet because of Christ and His great love, that is exactly who He considers her to be.


If asked to describe myself, these positions I hold as a Christian wife, mother, and writer would be the first to come to mind.  But I am so much more — and so are you.

We wear so many hats these days and fill so many shoes, it’s no wonder we become confused as to who we really are and what it is we should be doing.  Allow me to encourage you, sweet sister, to think about who you are today.

Are you who God created you to be, or have you become someone else?

Take a few moments to strip away all the extra baggage,  get real with God, and focus on what remains when all else is pushed aside.  Make adjustments as needed. And, by all means, begin again. One step after another until you find yourself doing what it is you were meant to do; being who it is you were meant to be.

I can’t wait to see you there!



I'm a wife, a mom, and a mia (my own special word for grandma). You may or may not be these things, and that’s okay. Chances are we're still a lot alike. I’m certain we share some of the same struggles and ponder many of the same questions. We're busy and we're tired -can I get an amen? Yet, here we are, trying to live meaningful lives, positively impact those around us, and add a little sunshine wherever we go. But it’s not easy, is it? We mess up. Life gets tough. We find ourselves in need of a friend. Someone to encourage us, stand by us, and speak truth into us. To remind us we are not alone. That, sweet sister, is where I hope to come in - not with all the answers (I’m still searching for some myself), but with a genuine concern for you and a desire to walk alongside you on this incredible -and oftentimes arduous- journey called life.

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