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Little Boy, Smile


As our oldest son prepares for his high school graduation and what lies beyond it, I can’t help but ponder the blessings we’ve experienced because of him. 

We are so thankful God made us his parents and, although we haven’t done everything exactly as we should, we have loved him with all our hearts – unconditionally. 

We pray he has learned not only from whatever good we’ve accomplished, but from our mess-ups as well.

Most of all, we pray we have successfully pointed him to the One who never makes mistakes and never disappoints.  To the One who has all the answers he will ever need.  To the One who will always be there, even when his dad and I cannot.  If we have done this, then our boy will always come out smiling in the end.

Little Boy, Smile

Little boy, smile
As I hold your tiny hand.
Teaching you to trust
While helping you to stand.

Little boy, smile
As I leave you, a hug and a kiss.
Promise I’ll be back soon
For my sweet boy I’m sure to miss.

Little boy, smile
As I chase you through the lot.
Praying for your safety
Until once again you’re caught.

Little boy, smile
As you choose your many friends.
Yes, we’ll go to the park;
Play in the dirt and the sand.

Little boy, smile
As you run and jump and climb.
Now it’s on to baseball, basketball.
We’re having such a grand time!

Little boy, smile
As we gather your broken heart;
Deal with disappointments;
Lead you to a new, fresh start.

Little boy, smile
As your friends are growing too.
Now you’re driving on your own.
Careful son, I’ll wait up for you.

Little boy, smile.
Senior Day has come and gone.
Graduation is upon us
And your childhood, about done.

Little boy, smile
As I watch you from afar.
My little boy, all grown up
Still capturing his momma’s heart.

Little boy, smile.
Find your place in this world.
Your momma’s prayers go with you
As you choose your shield and sword.

Little boy, smile
As you journey through each day.
Remember you are loved.
Near our hearts is where you’ll stay.

Little boy, smile.
That’s what I’ll always long to see.
My precious boy — now a man,
Smiling back at me.



I'm a wife, a mom, and a mia (my own special word for grandma). You may or may not be these things, and that’s okay. Chances are we're still a lot alike. I’m certain we share some of the same struggles and ponder many of the same questions. We're busy and we're tired -can I get an amen? Yet, here we are, trying to live meaningful lives, positively impact those around us, and add a little sunshine wherever we go. But it’s not easy, is it? We mess up. Life gets tough. We find ourselves in need of a friend. Someone to encourage us, stand by us, and speak truth into us. To remind us we are not alone. That, sweet sister, is where I hope to come in - not with all the answers (I’m still searching for some myself), but with a genuine concern for you and a desire to walk alongside you on this incredible -and oftentimes arduous- journey called life.

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