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Dealing with the Day to Day

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I used to be organized. Like really organized.

Everything had its place, and it was imperative that it all stayed in its place, or at least made it back to its place fairly quickly. I seldom went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, or unfolded laundry in a basket. The floors were clean, paperwork was filed away neatly, deadlines were carefully noted.

And then life became busy.  Like really busy.

First as a wife, mother of two, and full-time job outside the home. Later as a stay-at-home mother of three, then four, then five blessings, topping it off with homeschooling, extra activities, and ministry. Whew!

I found myself in a whirlwind, feeling more and more frazzled, running dangerously fast, but never feeling caught up. So I did the only logical thing … I threw organization out the window.  After all, who has time for filing paperwork when there is seldom a spare moment in the day? No, it simply was not happening. Something had to give and organization became that something.

The crazy thing about it is this … even though I let those things go in a physical sense, the need to do them never left my mind. So, I’ve been constantly thinking about what I should be doing rather than doing it. And that, my friend, is exhausting.

As a result, I’ve began asking myself a few questions. Questions such as, “How in the world did I miss that event?” “Did I really forget to pay that bill?”  “Dinner? Oh goodness, I guess it’s sandwiches – again.”

Sisters, this is not a good place for me, and I’m guessing it’s not your favorite place either. When we fail to handle the important issues of daily life in a timely manner, we oftentimes end up in a panic, feeling like a failure.  What a stressful way to live! Yet, that is exactly where I’ve found myself too much of the time lately.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of being parked in that place.

I’m realizing I must take time to regroup, reorganize, and rethink my day to day grind. I’m not talking about becoming frigid and unflexible. I’m merely suggesting a more deliberate approach to life, living in a way that creates a peaceful, yet productive atmosphere within my home.

What are some ways you’ve found to relieve the stress of daily life in your home? 

  • Do you meal plan? If so, what works best for you?
  • Do you make lunches the night before?
  • Do you assign specific laundry days to your children?
  • Do you limit the number of extracurricular activities for your children, or stick to a limited number of hobbies for yourself?
  • Do you have a special day or time set aside to handle the mounds of paperwork or emails coming into your home?



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Mail.On.Mondays: Dear Jeans

boots and fashion

Dear Jeansthat-fit-a-little-more-snug-today-than-five-weeks-ago:

I will NOT allow your uncomfortable snugness to make me feel defeated.  Or to hate myself for the five-pounds I’ve put on since Thanksgiving.

I will NOT throw in the towel, convinced I’m so far gone I may as well give up.

I will absolutely NOT focus on my failures or run back to that much too familiar cookie jar, or sliced pumpkin pie, or white-chocolate covered pretzels, or those tasty holiday lattes. (Oops, I’m thinking my weight gain should have been no surprise.)

Okay… so I’m fully aware that my over-indulgences put me where I am today, barely fitting into my go-to pair of jeans.  But, dear jeans, I promise this is not the end of my story – or yours.  I will not throw you out or hide you at the back of my closet awaiting that one day, far into the future, when I may or may not finally fit into you again.

Instead, I will hang you front and center, reminding me each time I step into that space that I have a goal to reach.  I have good decisions to make.  And I have a pair of jeans waiting to be worn again.

So rather than rebuking you, dear jeans, despite your audacity to point out my shortcomings, I thank you.  I thank you for showing me truth, even though it hurts a bit.  For this truth – and your stubbornness to not give an inch – may prove to be just the push I needed to get back on track.  To set a plan in motion. To do what I know must be done to become a healthier me.  To begin again. Right here. Right now.

So here we go!  The clock is ticking.  And I already have a celebration in mind.  You and me, dear jeans, on a coffee date, my most favorite thing.  A very skinny latte (the sugar free, non-fat, decaf kind of skinny) coffee date.  Yes, I think that’s what we’ll do as soon as these five pounds are gone.  And maybe we’ll pick up a friend or two to join us along the way.